Monday, August 20, 2007


This was a 6 year old kid, he wanted to be drawn like "50 cent".
He asked mom, "can (the artist) paint me black mom?"
Mom replied, "sorry to tell you son, but you were born white."


Trevour said...

These are fantastic! I hope I can master the airbrush as well as you someday. It's amazing how your black & whites gain so much depth after applying the color. Most people I've worked with are very modest on the paint (i.e. very little contrast between fleshtones and shadows).

I've only been doing the live caricature thing for about 2 years and I still suck at airbrushing! Part of my problem is I don't practice outside of live work. That's gotta change. What do you do to airbrush at home? Got any pointers? Out in the garage, etc.?

Brett W. Thompson said...

Hahahaha!! I love the longass neck on the first drawing!

So glad to see new posts, too, woo hoo! :)

Jesus Minguez III said...

hey man just want to let you know that i check out your blog almost everyday before I go to work to get some much needed inspiration. Your my hero. sappy, I know... Hey the very top couple, the guy with the mustach, did you extend his mustach for added effect? I like it!! post more stuff man thanks!!


Beast said...

That 6 year old kid drawing is great!

Anonymous said...

Will you paint ME black, Jeremy? Pleeeeaaaaseee!?