Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a couple of pieces up at the HEY! CAFE in New Orleans. I am happy to report that they have found a happy home. If your ever down in New Orleans give the Hey! Cafe a visit, it's at Napoleon and Magazine next to the landmark Miss Dixies tavern.

"American Mythology, World War II"

"American Mythology: The Space Race"

this is how they looked before a happy collector snatched them off the wall

This guy wasn't the buyer, but he was caught admiring my paintings above the sweetener and stirring stick zone of the coffee shop

A big thank you to the buyer and remember folks If you want to commission a piece or buy something you see off the blog, I'm only an email away...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Write-up on the Steckley blog

My good friend (and former boss) Ed steckley wrote up a blog post about me and my work over at his awesome art blog. If you've never heard of him, he's a badass Illustrator, and you can find a link to his portfolio website on his blog.

just follow this link and check it out

Ed Steckley's blog

New Blog!

Dear friends,
I respect you too much to give you the "I've been sooo busy, please forgive me for not posting, I promise I will post every day from now on" blog post that every non-daily art blogger posts when they've been too busy actually working on stuff to keep up with their blog.
If I'm not posting you can just assume I've found something better to do with my time, like painting, drawing or making money to pay my rent.
I thank you for stopping by. I got a ton of stuff waiting to be scanned that I will be posting on the internet relatively soon. So keep checking up on me.

In the meantime please visit this new blog community that I am a part of called the Attractive Art community. The theme of this new blog is drawing and painting the female form, something I like doing very much.

I will be posting drawings on that blog that I will not be posting on this blog so go check it out every once and a while

and heeeeeeeeeeeeere's the linko

The Attractive Art Community

Thanks again for your visit.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

For Those in New York

Quick Reminder

I have 5 new, unseen pieces in the World of Imagination show at the APW art gallery. Opening reception Friday March 5th 7-9pm.

APW Gallery 48-18 van Dam St., 11101 (queens)

I unfortunately will not be able to attend due to prior engagements, but that shouldn't stop you