Friday, April 25, 2008

Jert in Amsterdam

Last fall i bookended my trip to the Kruger workshop with stays in Amsterdam.
I did a lot of drawing at the hostel I stayed at of strangers and tourists. I will post this series of drawings every other day over the next few weeks.

This banner is in the middle of a family friendly shopping complex much like an american mall. I love the european popular attitude toward nudity.

krokett anyone?

this is a drawing out of my sketchbook of two coked up, drunk britts bullying their hippy coworker at the bulldog hostel in the Red Light district. The bald one caught me drawing it and made a big loud scene. Luckily everyone in the group liked it and they insisted on having it. I drank all night with them and they insisted on buying all my drinks. The hippy sounded just like "neil" from the "young ones"....He told me that he arranges his records by color...."sometimes a record just sounds blue...or red...y'know".
maybe he deserved to be bullied a little bit.


Len Hernandez said...

im so jealous. i woudl love to talk to ou about amsterdam. One of my ultimate destinations before i die.

Thomas said...

Thanks man. I'm so excited to be screen printing again.
As always I love your drawings.

jert said...

Len. I'm jealous of your amazing chair with wheels, that you sit in all day long

jert said...

Thomas your screen prints are the shit.