Friday, December 12, 2008

Lost Sketchbook
found this old sketchbook while organizing my studio. I love finding old sketches that I've forgotten about doing. I think it's good to check your progress now and then by comparing new drawings against old drawings, I start seeing flaws that I didn't used to see. I think it helps me find flaws with my current work. Gotta keep gettin' better, in my opinion if your not getting better then your slowly getting worse.

These drawings are from a figure drawing session put on by the asifa at least a year and a half ago at Westwood College. They still have it every thursday at 8 pm for $5.

Drawings from a slow day at stone mountain.

some of these drawings are from a daytime retail gig at stone mountain last year. I was making no money so I turned my drawing table around and drew people as they walked by. Luckily I working for myself that day so I had the option of saying "SCREW IT, I'm drawing for fun today." When you are working for other people you are obliged to at least try to hustle.


Nelson Santos said...

Me likes the top one with big hair.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Nice sketches! The top one has the head of Fred Harper...

Alison said...

I don't see anything wrong with these pics.

I'm currently reposting old posts onto my new website. I thought I wasn't going to like any of my old stuff. But I'm surprised to see that there had been many times in the past that my old pics look as good as the ones I do now.

The difference is sometimes Inside the Artist - how you Feel when you're drawing. Not necessarily Outside the Artist - what the pic looks like.

Brett W. Thompson said...

I love these, especially the ones from the ASIFA class!

I definitely agree with you, though, that it's really good to look at old work!

Jeremy said...

thanks pal

Jeremy said...

yer right Dan-
that poor poor girl

Jeremy said...

It's about being honest and not being complacent in your artwork. if your not growing your shrinking imo. You gotta be honest with yourself and figure out what you don't like and fix it.

Jeremy said...

thanks man