Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#197: Sketchbook

two dudes I drew at Dr. Sketchy's figure drawing while they weren't looking. I think drawing someone that isn't paying attention is the best way to see their real likeness. The guy up top is Dave Cook, He's pretty good, check out his website http://www.idrawmonsters.com/, the guy below is a firespinner named Tim mack.


Brett W. Thompson said...

These are awesome!!!

You can absolutely draw me any time you like! I have to start coming back out to drawing stuff, though, I suppose!

I love it when you draw the people drawing! :)

Meesimo said...

Too true kemosabi, nice ones

Jeremy said...

Yeah i gotta draw a good one of you. we gotta get together for a sandwich sometime!

Jeremy said...

Hey yo