Tuesday, June 09, 2009

On the road...
just made it back to Atlanta after 2 weeks of working on the road.....I made a loop from Atlanta to Cincinnati to St.Louis, To Centralia, Mo. to Kansas city and back to Atlanta...here are some videos and pics from my trip

the Smoky Mountains

my favorite part of driving from Atlanta to Cincy is the Smokies

Cincinnati, OH

this is Taste of Cincinnati, about 500,00 drunks descend upon downtown Cincinnati every memorial day weekend to eat food drink beers and use portajohns

(this is a picture of two-handed mikey drawing Old School Rapper Big daddy Kane, whats funny is Mr. Kane had a woman with him that said his name at the beginning and end of all of her sentences...."Big Daddy Kane, can I go get a beer , Big daddy Kane?" and so on)

St.Louis, Mo.

my buddy Logan sporting his wedding tat...he surprised his newlywed wife on their wedding day with a tattoo of a hammerhead shark eating a womans arm off......what a lucky lady

Centralia, Mo.

this is the carnival ride of the future......

these are the people of Centralia Missouri's Anchor festival.... a festival named not for boat anchors but instead named for the metal anchors that hold telephone poles in place

Kansas City, Mo.

statue of Charlie parker in the 18th and vine district

you can check out more photos from this roadtrip by going to my facebook album


Moyse said...

Cool, thanks for sharing Jert. I feel sorry for Zach!

ramanjit said...

these are awesome!!!!love the caricature of cry kid poor baby.........

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Big Daddy Kane!!! Can I draw your caricature big Daddy Kane?, Thanks for the tip, Big Daddy Kane! LOL! Was wondering where he's been since leaving the big Apple.

Nelson Santos said...

Funtastic pics Jert.