Tuesday, September 15, 2009

File this video under comedy...or horror



Will Appledorn said...

"Fascism is a form of socialism, i would believe"

Ahahaha, these people are dolts!

Not surprising, however. The most vocal part of the population is usually the most ignorant, either on the left or right. it's sad.

jer townsend said...


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

H O L L Y S H I T !!, this just proves, protesters are typically idiots. They are mainly people who have misguided anger. They mad, but don't have a "leg" to stand on and not only have all the facts, nor do they have a solution.
This brings back great memories of watching Penn and Tellers show, Bullshit.

Damion009 said...

wow! there is a whole lot of wrong in the world! people man... people..

that guy with the cross was awesome!

Kelton Hamm said...

Sweet land of liberty.

robb miller said...

Derka-derka! What dumb folks.

Jeffrey W. Meyer said...

I like the kid that complains that "we didn't vote for these taxes"

When he says "WE" does he mean everyone under 18? Cause then it would be true. Sadly, I'm sure he's just hashing out his fathers beliefs, rather than questioning them.

sidenote: The word verification that I have to type in to post this is "queefin"