Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 International Society of Caricature Artists annual convention and competition

you can find out more about this great international organization by visiting

A sweet sketch of me by the AMAZING Hermann Mejia

Me by Jason Seiler

Me by fred Harper

Me with the 2009 Most "Humerous" award... I find the typo humorous

panoramic of the ballroom/ competition room

2009 top ten Caricaturists

People looking at my drawings :)

My competition wall #182

Myself and one of my favorite artists of all time Hermann Mejia, He was very exited to meet me ( but not really)

Hermann Mejia, Jason Seiler, Mad magazine cover illustrator Mark Fredrickson, and Mad Magazine art director Sam Viviano

Guest speakers Tom Richmond, Hermann Mejia, and Sam Viviano

World famous New York illustrator Fred Harper working off of his iphone

One of my favorite artists Seo Kim of Canada

the awesome Aaron Philby

My hero ed Steckley

night-time corn maze drinking party

dudes sleeping 8 to a room ...something that i must admit i am thankfully too old for

Proud papa Jan Op de Beek from Belgium

Beau, Rommel, and Zittman

Seiler from Chicago and Moyse from the U.K.

Korean girl wearing two pairs of Jeans

myself with Seiler and Bluhm

Myself withthe amazing Japanese artist Tomokazu Tabata

some folks playing a japanese game where you must all draw the same subject either as cute as possible or as gruesome as possible

you can look at more drawings of me on this facebook album:

you can look at my competition drawings from the last few years on this facebook album:

and you can look at more of my convention pictures at this facebook album:


Brad said...

great pictures! thanks for posting them, someday i hope to get up the nerve to make it to one of these conventions

julia toscano said...

Hi Jeremy, many congratualtions on your award. Although i have NO knowledge of the industry you work in, i find your art work very amamzing, intersting, thought provoking. Love your stuff. My Best, JT

wimpCheese said...

Jer! Awesome post! i miss working with u...not the six flags part, but the fun laughey part

Hugo Freutel said...

Enthousiastic pictures everybody having a lot of fun.