Monday, February 02, 2009

Jert lecturing at SCAD
I'll be lecturing on the art of caricature at Savannah college of art and design's Illustration building in beautiful downtown Savannah, Georgia. The lecture will be on Tuesday February 2nd from noon till 2pm. I'll be talking about Caricature theory, My career as a professional Cartoonist/Caricaturist, Live Techniques and I'll be giving a live demo . If you are in the area or a student at Scad and are interested in attending drop me an email at




Marlo said...

hahah don't suck. humor succeed

Kelton Hamm said...

"Don't Suck."

Reminds me of what you told me on my first day


Zachary said...

Don't suck is the best advice you've ever given.

Nelson Santos said...

Cant really tell ya how much i laugh each time i come here, Dude... ur a Funny Fucker lol

Maxim said...

Dont suck-they should teach about that in art schools,i see you visited Croatia,hope you had a good time

Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

jert you gotta give your lecture at the next ncn con!